'Add Tab' in the 'Tab Group' freezes DOpus 12.29 x64


DOpus > Settings > Preferences > Folder Tabs > Tab Groups > Select an existing group > Edit > Add Tab freezes DOpus 12.29 x64 (Windows 10 22H2)


How long did you wait? It should display a list of folders, which is usually instant, but if you have mapped drive letters to unreachable network drives then there could be an unexpected delay in there of up to 30 seconds (per drive, potentially).

(Just a theory at this stage. Something we can look at improving if it is confirmed.)

If that doesn't explain it, or the dialog still doesn't appear even after waiting, please send us some process snapshots while Opus is in this state and we will take a look:

I waited like 10 seconds. :joy: After your message, I waited about a minute then it opened. Thank you.

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