Add the same filters to a number of folders

When I compile a LaTeX source file, besides the pdf file I also get a bunch of auxiliary files, including *.aux, *.toc, *.log.

If I only had one folder containing my LaTeX project, I would use the hidden filter to hide these auxiliary files, as I have done in the figure.

The problem is that I have a bunch of LaTeX project folders and will create more. Besides copying the same filter string, is there any way to apply the same hidden filter to every LaTeX project folders ?

I'm contemplating if there is a "named filter" that I could say "latexFolder=*.(log|aux|nax|out|snm|toc|synctex.gz)", and use latexFolder instead of *.(log|aux|nax|out|snm|toc|synctex.gz)

Or can I create a label latexFolder, and whenever a folder has the label latexFolder, some filters will be automatically applied?

Another idea is that as I put these files in git and my gitignore ignores these unwanted files, can I wrote a DO script that reads .gitignore and hides these files?

Can the folders you want the pattern in be defined by a wildcard/regex? If so then you could have a single folder format which applies to all of them at once.

Alternatively, if you need separate formats for each folder and don’t want to ignore the extensions in other folders, you could create a File Type Group (Settings / File Types) and add the extensions to it, then use grp:MyGroup as the pattern.

I never notice the File Type Group function. It fits my need. Thank you so much.

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