Add to existing zip

Am having trouble adding to an existing zip.
Would like to CTRL/DRAG to copy it in, but it does not seem to work.

What command are you running with the drag operation? Can you get the raw command to work using the CLI? I could not even do this manually using Copy ADDTOZIP with an existing zip file name...

While holding CTRL down, I click the filename I want to add and DRAG it with the mouse to hover over the existing zip file. When I release the mouse, the file is NOT copied in.
If the zip file was created with another program, would that make a difference.?

Works fine on my system.
I tried both right drag and left drag to zipfile tabs in source and dest, and to zipfiles in source and dest.

In Preferences -> ZIP Files -> Integration is the checkbox labled "Activate Opus Zip file handling" checked ?
When you drag files to the zipfile, do you release the mouse button over the filename column and NOT some other column ?

Also, COPY ADDTOZIP works fine here.

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I don't know since I have Power Archiver installed if I drag a file onto a zip file (without even pressing CTRL) PA adds the file to the zip file.

What I was asking is why you think this should work - is it something Dopus provides by default that I haven't read somewhere or have you configured something yourself to do this?

Hi Steje,

By Default .
I only used CTRL to select multiple files in Details mode.

To use COPY ADDTOZIP "Activate Opus Zip file handling" must be enabled.

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Well, I guess I just mentioned the CTRL key because WKUNKLE first post mentioned using a CTRL+DRAG operation to try and add the files to a zip file... I really don't think the CTRL key is necessary - as you seem to have proven from your attempt.