Added colums don't refresh

I added some extra columns to my file window to show movie attributes. I added the colums Width (Breedte), Height (Hoogte) and Playback Time (Duur) activated but the values of the movies were only displayed the first time and after that not anymore. Why?

Did the columns work for the same files they now don't populate for, or different files?

If it was different files, it may be that that type of metadata in that type of file isn't supported yet.

If it was the same files, it's likely that the metadata thread has become stuck or is taking a long time on a previous file, which is usually caused by bad video codecs/splitters encountering files that confuse them.

We plan to improve things for both of those situations by moving the movie metadata code over to the MediaInfo library in the future, which will cover a lot more video formats as well as remove the dependency on the codecs/splitters installed on each person's computer.

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It were different files but all of the movie files are mp4-files. And they are not that big.
I hope it can be fixed cause it is an important feature for me which I use a lot in the traditional Windows Explorer.