Adding a .exe to Opus Context Menu

I found a little .exe that takes a selected file and puts it into a folder of the same name. It's works fine in Windows Explorer lists but doesn't appear in the Opus Context menu. I have added it's path to the File Types Properties as "All Files", "All files and folders" and it shows up but doesn't work. I have tried it with a "%L" argument and without.
Any ideas, thanks,
He is a link to the programmer's site ... folder.php

I'm running Window7 x64

You can do this in Opus without installing anything extra. These threads have different ways of doing it (the first one is probably closest to what the tool does):

Thanks so much, Leo !!
I'll give them a try.
You're doing an exemplary job of keeping this board going strong, Bravo !!!! :smiley: