Adding columns by menu/mouse *here*

I guess I have something for the wish-list. o)

Short version:
I'd like to appear columns added via the context menu, right next to the column on which header I right clicked.

Long version:
Assume you have many columns enabled, so that your file display is filled with data and columns up to the scrollbar on the right.
Now if I right click, let's say the second columns header, which is more on the left side, and choose a column to add, that column does not appear!

Well it does, but it is hidden in the very right of the file display, behind all other columns. Forcing me to scroll and move the column twice until it is positioned to the left. Doing this for severel new columns, to compare some values, is arkward.

I wished the command used in the columns header contextmenu, would allow a fixed position at least, if that cannot be determined from where I clicked. What do you think?

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=columnlist

Thanks for listening. o)

Thanks for implementing the %headeritem% thing, adding columns is a totally new experience from now on! o))