Adding 'Delete' to command editor

With the recent changes in 12.23.1 a button that has been opened via Alt-Click cannot be directly deleted anymore. The button needs to be closed and the customize mode to be turned on first.

How about adding a delete option to the command editor?

And while we are at it:

How about adding the following functions to all buttons and hotkeys?

  • Delete
  • Turn inactive and move into a repository for later use
  • Button: Remove from toolbar and turn into a hotkey
  • Hotkey: Move into a toolbar

Thinking even bigger: A toolbar manager that works like a file manager, treating the toolbars and menus like folders and the buttons like files for easy inspection, editing and organization. Maybe something for v13?


Why not, I can see how the new handling prevents a quick button delete with Alt+Click, but the new handling has more benefits in general, but adding the delete function in the editor could make this even better. Maybe have a menu button right there, where you can copy/delete/whatever for future expandability. o)

You could have a toolbar around for "repository" use, that's how I deal with it at least. o)

Let me add:

  • FileTypes and all entries on the Events / ContextMenu / Drop tabs should be copy & pasteable between regular toolbars and the CustomizeDialog -> ContextMenus.

Some more generic handling between regular buttons, hotkeys and filetype actions would be appreciated and probably help everyone having a more intuitive experience. I still get trapped from time to time when editing these, recently I wanted to copy a very complex context menu on the image filetype to some other place and I couldn't.

But you can actually copy a hotkey and paste it onto a toolbar, you just can't drag it there. The other way round it won't work, copying a button and pasting it into the hotkey section is not possible. So yes, there is room for improvement - as always. o)