Adding favourites to Sharepoint directories that open inside DOpus

I'm trying to use dopus and create favourite links to Sharepoint directories. These come as https links which Windows Explorer opens directly inside itself rather than opening it in the default browser. These are essentially just file directories with folders and files in them, and it's far easier managing the files from an explorer desktop app than within the webpage itself.

When I create favourites to these directories though, dopus just opens them in a browser :frowning: Can i make it open it itself?

This thread may have what you need:

It also sounds like double-clicking shortcuts to SharePoint sites works for some people at least:

It may depend on the exact type of shortcut, or where it's coming from (which folder you're in).

I opened it in xplorer² and it converted the https address into a UNC path, so I copied this into dopus and this worked :slight_smile: I'l just use these links from now on, thanks