Adding recent files to folder tree?

I noticed there is a recent folders dropdown on the folder tree. Is there anyway to show a dropdown for recent files?

It would be even more awesome if you could select specific file types that can be shown

There isn't. The tree is only for folders. But you can display the recent file list in a menu, or in the file display.

It would be nice if we could incorporate a recent file dropdown within the file tree. The method with adding a button and utilizing Windows 10 recent files, as you mentioned, provides folder shortcuts too and it gets convoluted and requires more clicks to see everything.

It would be nice to have a dropdown within the folder tree where the user can show how many recent files they specify or what specific file types to show, such as (pdfs, txt, xlsx or doc files)

You can make it only show files if that's what you want.

The tree is the wrong place. It's for selecting folders to navigate to, not opening files in other programs or showing random menus which you'd only be able to access by first scrolling the tree so they were visible...

Maybe I misunderstood your original answer. How can I show it with files only?

I originally created a button with the function "Go /recent". From there I click the button and it takes me to another locations with my files and folders.

Put Go /recent FOLDERCONTENT=nodirs in a menu and it'll list just the files in the recent list in the menu.

It doesn't appear to remove the dirs, but this method works great. Is there anyway to limit the folders/files shown, as the menu is long. I referenced the link below, but couldn't find a command to limit the amount of recent files/folders.!Documents/Go1.htm

Go /recent FOLDERCONTENT=sortdate,sortreverse

Ah, it's because the directories are really shortcuts to directories (i.e. technically files). We'll make it account for that in the next update.

There isn't one currently, but we'll add maxfiles=x in the next update as well.

Go /recent FOLDERCONTENT="sortdate,nodirs,maxfiles=10"
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Thanks, Leo. It's a bit laggy, nothing too bad, but I'm assuming the max files will help fix that. Thanks!