Adding Sharepoint integration

First let me say (again) how much I love using Dopus. I've spread the love to everyone on my team at work. It's a great bit of software that absolutely increases our productivity.

However, our firm is moving to a 100% Sharepoint environment (without OneDrive syncing) and I have not found a good workaround to integrate Dopus with Sharepoint. I can't imagine continuing without Dopus but sadly this may be the case.

Any thought given to really digging into how Sharepoint works and adding that integration to Dopus?

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It's not something I know much about but as far as I can tell it doesn't use any standard protocols and has some kind of custom REST API (assuming that can do file management).

We'd be happy to help someone write a VFS plugin, in terms of helping with the Opus side of things.

Has there been any follow-up on this by DO? You firm just migrated to SharePoint, The SharePoint structure mirrors the virtual drive structure used on our now-defunct data server. I would like to be able to map the SharePoint virtual drives to virtual drives in SharePoint. Please advise.