Adding tags to matroska files crashes DO

everytime I add a tag to MKV file I got the message you can see on the picture below.
Other file types don't throw any errors (EXE, MP4, TS, M2TS...).

Could it be related to DO (11.8 64.bits)?

Are you adding the tag using Opus or something else?

Are you in thumbnails mode when you make the change, or if not are any columns displaying which show metadata for video files? (e.g. duration, codec, dimensions, etc.)

After restarting Opus, is the tag there, or was it not saved?

It's possibly a bug in a video codec/splitter rather than in Opus itself. I've tried with a test MKV file here and didn't see any problems. If a crash dump exists matching the date & time of the crash, please zip & email it to as that may tell us which component is crashing.

When you said the bug could be somewhere in "video department" I disabled the program I had installed earlier: it's called Icaros ( ) and it is responsible for creating thumbnails for windows - after deactivating everything works fine.

Thank You.

I used to use Icaros as well. Since it causes problems, I switched over to Babelsoft's Media Preview. Their main site is down at the moment, but you can find it at videohelp.

No weird crashes in over a year or 2 after switching.

thanks for the info, I've just installed it and DO works fine with it (no more crashes with MKV files)