Additional columns not selectable in Directory Opus 12.20

Hi everyone,
Running into a problem with version 12.20. I use MAcrium reflect as backup solution. Macrium provides explorer shell integration, which enables additional columns 'backuptype' and 'backupcomment', both populated by Macrium, both very useful. In windows explorer these columns are perfectly selectable (and many more that do not appear in Dopus). Dopus does not show them, whatever I try. Have been playing a bit with scripts but to no avail as I have not enough data to write it properly. Besides, methink that a simple feature like this should be available in Directory Opus as default. Anyways, I would appreciate some clear instructions how to make this work. If this is not possible, I would recommend for the Dopus guys to put this on their TODO list.
Kind regards, Airman

Wonderful, worked as advertised. Thanks for quick response! Obviously the same question had been asked before, but I had not found it.

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Any idea why this script suddenly stopped working? The script is still there (I re-imported it to make sure), it shows in the script-addin folder, it is visible in Prefs/Scripts as disabled and stays disabled (box does not respond to attempts to enable it). I checked the script in editor: nothing changed.

Did you turn on the Disable All Scripts button (red circle with a white line across it) at the top of the list of scripts?

If so, turn it off, then click Apply.

Tried that. On or off makes no difference. Would be very embarassed if that had solved it :wink:

Further to my previous post: I am very embarassed. Click [Apply] makes the difference, I just pressed the Disable all scripts Button. I still don't know why it switched itself off (perhaps Win10 update?) but it's back again. Thanks!