Additional email - forum never sends confirmation email

I want to change email address I use on this forum. I went to my profile and first I added my destination email as additional (so I can make it primary later... at least I assume this is how it works). I typed my e-mail address and got a notification that there has been a confirmation e-mail sent. I never get it, not even in spam. Resending does nothing. 24h and still no mails. That way I am unable to change my email address in this place.

We can't easily debug issues with individual email services, but emails from the forum are definitely reaching GMail.

Strange, I thought I hit some kind of forum malfunction. I assume you have no access to any kind of logs that would maybe disclose if there was a problem with sending itself (error message on communication with my mail server) or it just went out into the void?

What email were you trying to use? I think the email system keeps three days worth of logs. You can PM me if you don't want to post it publicly.

Discussion went PM.

Jon have performed some changes and I managed to change the email afterwards. The issue seems to be resolved now. Thank you. :+1: