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Additional metadata operations



I would like to formally request the following additional functionality to metadata operations:

  1. A new metadata type keyword that can be used with COPYFROM to copy extended properties (COMMENT, RATING, TAGS).

  2. The ability to use COPYFROM to copy from one or more specific fields, rather than pre-defined types/categories of fields. For example, I’d like to be able to copy from just one field, or two or more fields which don’t all fall under the same TYPE. Copying from just one field would probably suffice, since users would have the option of issuing the command more than once from a single menu item, button, or keyboard shortcut.

  3. The ability to retrieve metadata values and store them in variables.

  4. The ability to copy metadata from one field and insert it into another field (in the same or different file). Note that, ideally, this should be made possible by implementing my wish #3 above.


Please link your account to do that.


Seconded on this -- at least some of it.


Ok, now linked. Sorry for the delayed response.