Additonal archive options for future versions?

What chance adding a couple of additional options to the rar component of 'Add to archive' dialog? I know it is proprietry and such, and you are only running it in the background, but the dialog is missing the most common and basic thing that rars are typically used for, which is multipart. What makes this even stranger is that the zip format, which never had multipart up until recently, includes this.

Recovery record is something that should be there, and the ability to select a Winrar profile would be very handy. This one thing alone would do most of the work, because all the options are sort of bundled up within any existing Winrar profiles.

I guess we could add it, but I've always figured that when someone wants something beyond the basic options they might as well use WinRar itself. It has to be installed for RAR creation/modification to work at all, and it's only a right-click away. The only real difference is how the dialog looks.

My main focus when adding RAR creation/modification support was the modification side, so that people could go into and change RAR archives like other archive types. Creation was just a bonus on top of that, since we don't add much value on top of WinRAR there (other than the creation and progress dialogs fitting the Opus look & feel more than the WinRAR dialogs do). The multipart and (I think?) recovery options both result in archives you cannot modify afterwards, so I didn't pay much attention to them (beyond making sure multi-part extraction works, which a lot of time went into).

It is somewhere on the To-Do list, though, just buried under a lot of other stuff. :slight_smile:

Fair comment to all. I realise that it is really just there for the sake of being there, and you can do all the things with Winrar anyway, or the command line for that matter, but I thought it was strange that you added multipart to a format that never had it (zip) and didn't to one that always did (rar). Since you are hooking into Winrar anyway, I didn't think it would be too hard to add a few more hooks :slight_smile: It certainly isn't important, it would just be 'nice'.

I have to say, I can't even begin to think what the to-do list could have on it. My imagination, or possibly my needs, have shrunk.

Do the real stuff first, and add the window dressing later.

ta for the reply :slight_smile:

The zip file format has always supported multipart, fwiw.

Well, of all the people in the world that I won't argue with, you are one, so I will stand corrected. :slight_smile:
Maybe it was just not commonly implemented?

Hi Jon :slight_smile: