Adjust size of icons for Folder Options, etc


How do you adjust the size of the upper-right icons for Folder Options, etc?

I just installed a new video card (GTX 960) and 4K monitor and it caused much of DO to appear too small. I figured out how to enlarge the fonts (from 5 to 8) but cannot see where to enlarge the upper-right icons.


Probably the easiest way at the moment:

[ul][li]Download Directory Opus 10 Default XL Toolbar Icons - 250 icons!, unzip it so you have Default XL.dis.[/li]
[li]Go to Preferences / Toolbars / Icons, then import Default XL.dis using the 3rd button above the list.[/li]
[li]Select the newly imported icon set and move it to the top of the list using the 1st button (up arrow).[/li][/ul]

Alternatively, without having to install anything extra:

[ul][li]Settings > Customize Toolbars[/li]
[li]In the Toolbars tab, select the toolbar you want to change on the left, then choose Image Size: Large on the right.[/li]
[li]Repeat for any other toolbars, then click OK.[/li][/ul]

As 4k screens are becoming more popular, we have plans to make this kind of thing happen automatically in the future.