Adjust the judgment logic of double-click to open the file

I installed powertoy and Typora at the same time, and associated the .md file and Typora, but double-clicking the .md file is opened in the DOpus viewer, not in Typora.

Double-click the .md file in Windows Explorer to open it in Typora.

If Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files: Use internal picture viewer is turned on, and something is installed which makes the viewer understand Markdown (.md files), then they'll open in the viewer on double-clicks.

You can override it via Settings > File Types, and changing the Left Double-Click event for the .md type to FileType ACTION=shellex

File Types not found .md file type.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Markdown File"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Typora\\resources\\app\\asserts\\file.ico"



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Typora\\Typora.exe\" \"%1\""

Is there a HCKR\.md key?


That won't do anything on its own.