Administrator mode

I placed command 'administrator mode' on toolbar, but it is grayed out.
How make it work? [Search no help.]

Are you using Vista or Windows 7?


It would only be disabled if UAC itself is disabled, or Opus is already running elevated (which it shouldn't be).

OK. So I should remove that button and just keep UAC slider at bottom.

It just seems that Win finds new ways to limit full access to the computer I paid for and sometimes program. M.S. starts with the assumption that the user is wrong -- and that nothing is so simple as it can't be made more complicated.

If the UAC control panel slider is at the bottom then UAC is turned off completely, so a button in Opus to elevate using UAC wouldn't do anything.

Note that this also disables useful features like Protected Mode IE (I think Chrome also uses it for sandboxing; not sure).

I find I can live well without IE or chrome.
Let's close this thread.