Advanced options for "count files before copying/deleting"

Any chance these could be in 9.1? :wink:

I like having DOpus count the files in folders before copying, giving me an accurate progress report.

However, on certain folders (FTP sites especially) it takes bloody ages to count them all, so would it be possible to have a series of advanced options (tickboxes for "Local drives", "Network drives", "FTP sites" etc. etc.) ?

Apologies if it's already been asked :wink:

A Skip button in the counting progress dialog would also be nice, e.g. when you're deleting a few hundred thousand files and the count takes as long as the delete (but you do want count-before-delete to stay on in general).

I'll second that - I was just about to post a request for that very feature!

Being able to decide after the counting starts, and hence still get a feel for the size of the operation (and also time to count) is the best solution in my opinion.