Advanced Rename Default (& Reset To): Make it always Blank/Fresh/Empty

Good Morning,
I have made a good faith effort to solve this problem myself (& by studying previous forum posts). However, I've now spent 2 hours and read about 30 pages!! :frowning_face:I reckon its time for some personalized help. Sorry if the solution was in here all the time. I got close but never found exactly it.

It should be simple. In fact, I'm very surprised it is not the DirOpus default: I just want the Advanced Rename Window to open totally blank, empty IE. no commands typed in. If you hit Apply it would do absolutely nothing because you haven't yet entered anything. Also, when you hit RESET it would go back to that pristine, empty state.

That is NOT what happens now - It always opens on (& resets to) Find and Replace with old name being the name of the first file in my selection and the new name being blank. I can really think of no good reason why anyone would want that to be the most common, default state. Nonetheless, whether others do want it like that or not, I most certainly do not.

So, please before I waste another hour going nuts: How do I make the Advanced Rename Window always default (& reset) to empty, blank fields?


Find and Replace is not the default mode, so it sounds like you've using a modified toolbar which tells the Rename dialog to open in that mode.

If you edit your Rename button, what command does it run currently? Presumably it includes the FINDREP argument; if so, remove that.

Wow that was fast. I really appreciate that :+1:t2:

You are right - I didnt start with an entirely default configuration for DirOpus because I followed the tips from, and installed many components of, the DEAROpus page/project

There is lots of good stuff on the DearOpus page, but we recommend using the default configuration (plus your own personal customizations) rather than theirs, to avoid surprises like that.

Sorry - got called away to help wife with dog.
Back now

Because I've been following your advice on other posts my rename button is not coded the same as it was this morning

Currently is


Everything I tried made little to no difference and I have been unable to reach my desired state:

Every new instance of Advanced Rename and every Reset inside the Advanced Rename window producing a totally blank set of options that would make zero changes on the file names if I hit Apply

There is no rename preset named "EMPTY" by default, so I can only guess what that does without seeing how the preset has been saved (if one has been saved at all).

Try just Rename ADVANCED on its own. You shouldn't need a preset to make it do nothing by default, since that is already the default.

Or you could use this if you don't like seeing the first filename in the name fields at the top:


(But the default of having the name in both fields still results in a rename which does nothing unless you start editing things, as you want. It's often useful to be able to edit the existing name instead of having to start from scratch. Your choice, though, if it gets in the way.)

That leads to the name of the first file being filled in both old and new name fields on standard wildcard rename.
So, yes, hitting apply would do nothing to affect the files selected - good

However, for neatness and streamlining of workflow, I'd still much prefer everything to come up blank with no commands or text entered/selected at all

I'll try your next suggestion now and get right back to you

Great. Getting closer


Can we make it startup with blank old name and new name + "Find & Replace" as the mode?

Or would you not recommend that over "Standard Wildcard Rename"?

I don't think there is any way to have the Old Name field (PATTERN argument) open blank.

Ok - Its an improvement anyway. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

If I invest the time to learn, then do you feel DirOpus can match, or even surpass, all the functions available in Bulk Rename Utility?

If not, and I need all the functions of BRU, then can I smoothly integrate BRU or another powerful renaming application seamlessly into DirOpus having it run instead of the built-in Advanced Rename Tool?.


You can do pretty much any rename you want in Opus. I can't tell you if if can do literally everything BRU can do because I don't use BRU or know everything it can do, but you can use scripts to augment the Opus rename dialog so I doubt there's anything it can do which you can't do in Opus, one way or another.

If you need help doing some specific rename task, please ask, and we can help. Asking to make things like a tool none of us use is impossible to answer as we don't use the tool, and have no idea which aspects of that tool you actually want or care about, and which you don't.

Sure, I understand. Sorry
I'll try to be more specific in future.


I have various functions I run frequently & would like to combine into '1-click packs' of macros that can all be batch run on a group of files at once.

Off the top of my head :thinking: :

  1. I often want to move X number of characters from position Y to position Z
    in the filenames.

  2. Another task I'd like to run immediately after the 'move characters' function,
    = add "of XX" immediately after the track number of an album's,or audiobook's, filenames (ONLY those that have track numbers in them) & pad those track numbers so all have two digits:

"PRODIGY - IMD - 1 - Invaders Must Die (Live)"
"PRODIGY - IMD (Live) - 01 of 11 - Invaders Must Die"

"PRODIGY - IMD 10 - Piranha (Live)"
"PRODIGY - IMD (Live) - 10 of 11 - Piranha"


AND has not been messed up by the number related changes that don't apply to it as it doesn't include numbers anywhere in original filename


If I could compile a macro group/pack to do all this in 1 click that'd be a superb time-saver. :partying_face:

Thanks 4 the help Leo. Appreciated

[PS. I'll come back to this soon, but for right now I'm trying to figure out the causes of my biggest problem with (turn-off from) DirOpus - crashes, freezes, grinding slowdowns.

I'll try to find the solution first before I post about it if can't.
I have 22 saved threads to read thru so hopefully I'll figure it out.....]

These should be in separate threads, one per question:

But also have a look at the Advanced Rename section of the manual first, as those are both quite easy to do, especially using the macro mode where you can simply do the edit on the first file and see all the same changes applied to all the other files.

Tell us the issues (one per thread) or don't, but there's no point telling us you have a problem but without any information for us to actually help with it. :slight_smile: Most crashes are caused by 3rd party shell extensions, and the FAQs have guides on how to track those down, which is a good place to start.

Yeah, apologies for that - I'm putting it into a separate thread right now. I was just preemptively explaining why I might not respond quickly on THIS topic.

The information on that crashing problem is coming.

So, please feel free to cut out that PS as it was only by way of a personal explanation to you.

It is, as you rightly point out, not relevant to THIS thread & nor does it contain information on that issue.

Arriving elsewhere momentarily.

Ah yes, but in my example - remembering that I want to hit one button and have them ALL done at once - The Cover Art file must NOT have the "of XX" inserted. Yet, it does have one of the other changes (moving last 4 characters "live" from end to position #14) to be applied.

I cannot simultaneously exclude & include that file in the checklist of files tom be affected, so typing in the macro would not work to do all tasks in one go.

Am I wrong / misunderstanding that?



I do NOT want all the changes applied to every file (they are not all applicable to every file).

I also want the whole batch of renames to happen in one go/one click.

I do not understand, therefore, how using the 'modify first file name to create macro' option would successfully apply in this situation.

It WOULD work to rename the MP3 tracks ALONE.

But I don't think, correct me if I am wrong, that it could simultaneously handle the Cover Art.jpg file.

Trying to do it that way would put "of 11" into the cover art filename for starters!!

These should be in separate threads, one per question:

But also have a look at the Advanced Rename section of the manual first, as those are both quite easy to do, especially using the macro mode where you can simply do the edit on the first file and see all the same changes applied to all the other files.