Advanced Search help

I need help with an advanced search help.

If I search recursively for a folder named "temp" in the full path, it returns multiple/duplicate results.

it would find


Is there a way to filter this found set down to only list the shared parent folder? When I do a similar search, I am getting 1000 found results, but there are only about 16 parent folders found.

If I were to delete the found set, it tells me an astronomically high warning about to delete 100TB, when really it is only about 7TB, but I assume it is counting every folder multiple times.

Or is there a way to modify the original search to only show parent folders?

I am currently searching for
Match Folders
Match Full Path contains "*temp*"

Match on Name instead of Full Path.

:frowning: I thought I tried that.

Can I blame this on weak coffee please?

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