Advanced searching within hundreds of same-named folders

I'm trying to figure out how to find files named 'folder.jpg' within folders named 'artwork'. BUT I have hundreds of folders named artwork, AND I want dopus to only show those image files that are located inside the said specific folder name.

So far I have been unsuccessful. I tried just searching folders named 'artwork' and expand them further by using the flatten view mode -- does not work. I have tried using the advanced search filtering options but can't seem to come up with a combination that works. Does anyone here have any other suggestions?


If you happen to have Everything installed then a search term as follows should do the trick in a flash:

wfn:folder.jpg path:*\artwork*

There is almost certainly a way of doing it with Opus but being a lazy sod I usually go for the quickest solution... :grinning:

thanks! that's pretty useful. I wanted to rename 'folder.jpg' within the folders to something else so needed opus's renaming tool as well. I am not looking forward to renaming with everything search one by one... unfortunately, there's hundreds of files to rename.

Have a look at Fast Search With Everything Version 2 It may be able to do what you want.

Have you tried Everything's rename feature? It's surprisingly powerful.

A filter in Opus should do the trick, too. Try

Fullpath match *\artwork\folder.jpg

This is very easy to do in Opus:

(Reminder: This is a support forum for Directory Opus, not Everything. :slight_smile: )

Oy! duh. I knew it couldn't be that hard. I believe I was missing the asterisk wild card as well. I was trying this out with location and path filters... I even enabled wild cards check box-- except I totally forgot to put in the wild card before the slash symbol before. Thanks again, Leo! *and everyone who actually replied -- immediately read the last post by instinct 1st.