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Advanced Select Assistance


My objective is to select everything except New and Old subfolders and their contents.

Based on what I read in this FAQ, I expected my advanced filter to do just that. Unfortunately not.

As the screen grab shows, everything is selected. What am I doing wrong?

Regards, AB


The Subfolder clause is only effective in recursive filters, but Select isn't a recursive operation - it operates on only the items in the current folder. You just want the Name clause from your above example, without the Subfolder.


Fair enough. I never knew that. What I'm actually trying to get to grips with is one way SYNCing a structure and excluding subfolders using an advanced filter along the lines I described above. Here is a simple example. I want to exclude folder Old and its contents..

Here is what the SYNC compare selects (recursively) for copying. Old and contents are not excluded.

In Leo's FAQ dated March 2009, he wrote

Does that caveat still apply?

Regards, AB


Since it doesn't work, I guess so :slight_smile: