AES256 encrypted Zip fails in Windows Explorer

With files selected, I right click and
Directory Opus Archives | Add to Archive | Archive Type: ZIP
I set encryption to AES256 and a password.

When I send the zip file to a Win10 computer without Opus, they can see the files in the zip, but accessing them fails with: "Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created."

Is there a way to create a password protected zip with Opus that will be accessible in Windows Explorer?

The Add to Archive dialog has options for the type of compression, although the "Standard Zip" compression is so useless that you may as well not bother encrypting the archive if Explorer compatibility is more important.

Almost all Zip tools support AES these days, including lots of free ones.

I'm puzzled. I have been able to open password protected zip files with Windows Explorer without special zip tools. These can't be created with Opus? I have the compression set to Normal with Encryption set to AES256 because I want to have password protection. What do I have to do to deliver a password protected zip to a customer that only has Win10 with no addons?

There are different types of encryption.

Select the "Standard Zip" encryption and that might work with File Explorer, but it's very easy to break as well.

In the past Explorer did not support newer zip encryption modes. Maybe that's still true today. That's an Explorer problem.