After creating/renaming empty files, multiple files selected

I have a custom button to create an empty .TXT file using this command (FileType NEW=.txt).

1.) I hit the button
2.) Empty file created and visible in lister, focus is on the name of the new file
3.) I type in a new name and hit Enter
4.) DOpus renames the file and then selects the file and another file in the same directory (yes, two files are selected)

Is this expected behavior? I'd like it to just select the file I just renamed.

I searched to see if others had written about this issue and found this, which might be relevant, but didn't seem to directly address this issue:

Are you sure it's selecting the other file, or is the other file already selected and the command is just not deselecting it? That's how it seems when I try it here, at least.

Yes I think that might be it. I realize now that when I'm renaming, the other file is still highlighted. Can I add a command to deselect all in my button?