After upgrading to the newest version, Opus lists all folder names in ALL CAPS

Immediately after upgrading to 12.33, Opus started displaying folder names in ALL CAPS, ignoring their actual capitalization. Oddly, this only happens in the main part of the lister (regardless of whether it's thumbnails or list view), the folder names in the file tree listing (on the left), the title bar (on top), the toolbar buttons etc. are all correctly capitalized.

Here is a screenshot demonstrating the issue:

You can see that the folder tree on the left has the folder names correctly capitalized, it's only the main part of the lister that insists on allcaps.

Another odd thing is that this doesn't happen instantaneously: every time I restart Opus, the capitalization goes back to normal for a few minutes, after which it changes back to all caps again.

Please link your account.

I don't think I can, I'm still on my 30-day trial.

What you're seeing usually happens if you try to bypass the trial period.

Hmm, I was about to say I did no such thing, but I think I did actually try mucking about with this sort of thing when I downloaded Opus. It totally failed and I forgot about it, but it's possible I messed up my installation and it's just yelling at me IN ALL CAPS now.

Sorry for wasting your time! If I want to buy a license and make sure everything's above board, should I uninstall my (presumably tainted?) copy first?

Hi there.
Having the same problem with my Opus. nevertheless i'm registered user for pro version. tried reinstall and re-retrieve license and cert. all the same.

moved opus from one srv to newer.

Try uninstalling, make sure C:\Program Files\GPSoftware has nothing left in it, and then reinstall.

Also check if it's happening in all folders or only some. If it's only some, the actual filenames may be in uppercase. (Opus and Explorer can convert all-caps names to something nicer on the eyes, but it's optional in Opus, and all-caps may be how the names really are.)

i'v tried to uninstall and reinstall. ok. i'll do it again.

and no, after some time from running opus all folders and files became displayed in caps.