Again missing buttons in rename-window

In latest DO 9.5 sometimes the bottom buttons doesn't appear. Using Windows 7. :cry:

Open /dopuslocaldata/State Data/windowstate.osd in an editor and exit Opus (wait a few seconds in case it doesn't shut down immediately), then remove the line (or delete the file entirely if you don't care about your other window positions).

That may stop it happening again.

If not please see if you can work out how to reproduce it or what might trigger it. (e.g. Switching in and out of script / preview modes, large windows, negative monitor coordinates or something like that.)

This is not a bug just for v9.5 as it is not a bug just under Windows 7. Previous versions of DOpus have this problem too and I have experienced it under WinXP Pro many times. In my experience, this bug is appeared (some times, not always) just when a script is applied to a file/files when preview modes is on. After some checking and unchecking Script mode option, the problem will be solved for a medium time.

This bug is very very similar with the bug that was mentioned in this topic (I cannot see any different between them, except the occurrence of Sasa's bug is appeared in a less degree and is not associated with a specific resolution).

I needed to restore my sys with TrueImage. After that everything went fine. Next time I'll just reimport DO settings and we will see.

It just happened on my Notebook, not workstation. Both Win7 and same DO config.

Does the notebook have a lower resolution screen?

I found if don't keep the rename window @ fullscreen, nomore problem.

I worked out a really easy, reliable way to reproduce the problem and have sent the info to GPSoftware.

Yes, but the window is not full screen. The config was orginally copied from workstation with higher res. Maybe this caused the problem (but shouldn't!).