Where are the Remae window keys?

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When DOpus is installed under 800x600 resolutions, the Rename window keys are disappeared. When I change the resolution to 1024x768, the keys appeared, but after changing the resolution to 800x600, sometimes the keys remain appeared, sometimes will be disappeared again. While the keys are appeared, when I checked the Script Mode, the keys will be absconded in the bottom of the window (even under 1024x768 resolution) and I must checked and unchecked this option over and over to the problem be solved. When the keys appeared once, remain appear forever. What is the problem?

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PS: The DOpus was suffered of this problem too, but just when Script Mode was checked. Albeit after some clicking on this option, the problem was solved forever.

Well, it appears the rename window is being drawn too small and at least when the preview is not set to enabled, there is no resize control in the window border to expand the dialog to make the OK buttons visible.

Beyond that, even when the resize control IS visible... 800 x 600 resolution just does NOT offer enough screen real estate to even be able to resize the dialog 'all the way'.

Methinks you found a bug feature :wink: - report it to GPsoft. FWIW, the only real fix I imagine will be to make the rename dialog "scroll-able".

800 x 600? Is that a cell phone? :slight_smile:

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Maybe some 'smart phones' are even BIGGER...

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Thanks for the reply.
The top picture was shot on a 15" monitor with 800x600 resolution and the button picture was shot on a 17" monitor with 1024x768 resolution. As you see, the problem is not for monitor size. In addition to this, when the rename windows is opened without any problem, the monitor is the same monitor and free space is enough.

I think this is a bug too. It will be fixed if DOpus check the resolution and draw Rename window based on it.

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Has this been reported to GPSoft now?

Not yet by me

REPORT issues to GPsoft... Leo did it for you, and it was fixed in today :wink:. But everyone should report their issues through the GPsoft support website...

Thank you very much dear Leo for your kindness :slight_smile: