All l need about 4 types of "File Create"

Is there a way to limit the options that appear on the "Lister Content Menu"?


Did you maybe mean "lister context menu"? If so, you can edit it under -> customize -> context menues (tab) -> lister context -> view.

Marks the place in a menu where the Windows Shell Lister context menu items are to be displayed<<

FileType CONTEXTMENU=Directory\Background

My Bet is I'm not to far. I would think I could add some how "Doc", "text", "xlsx or what ever I need. Am I going in the right direction?


It look like I might be able to control what will appear in the "File Type Menu". That's a hole new ball game. I never touched this area before, to complex, but looks like I need to tackle it.


Just be sure not to confuse separate areas of context menu control...

  • The "Lister Context" menu that you can edit from the "Customize->Context Menus" page lets you edit the menu that appears when you right-click on empty lister background space (not FILES/FOLDERS).
  • The "File Type" menus are filetype specific and let you control context menu (among other things) entries that appear when you right-click on files/folders.

What exactly do you want to do?

I'm trying to clean up the menu. As you can see it's a bit of a mess:

This thread might be of interest then: [url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

Thanks I will check it out.


I just was doing the exact same thing today. I found a few things very helpful:

I downloaded a freeware calles ShellExMenu (or ShellMenuView, it is the same app, the later is just for 32bit computers). That will cover up identifying what currently is in your windows context menu and what you would like to keep.

Then I did two things adviced in the above thread: once, I hide the windows menu from the context menu in Dopus main options (Shift will show it, so nothing is lost) and second, I took the code from Leo's screenshot which overrides the above setting (the hiding of context menu items): FileType CONTEXTFORCE CONTEXTMENU=CLSID
So in other words, any context menu entry you enclose in that line, does show up even though the rest remains hidden.

I then started the ShellExMenu app and started looking for the programs that I did want on my menu. Here you can only pick the context menu handlers (you can tell from a column in ShellEx app) and you need the CLSID numbers in these { } brackets.

Once I had several lines of Dopus code I inserted them on the context menu tab on "all files and folders" entry in Dopus' file type editor.
You can freely arrange them as you like, just make sure you do not accidentally delete any other entry. Maybe this helps you to get started? :slight_smile:

Working with all the above help I have my content menu 90% clean. Thanks for all the help. With a clean Menu I will know get back to the original problem of cleaning the "New". For that, the way I see it, I will need to use FileType. Customize\Content Menus\Lister Content could be a good place to start but it seems to fall short.


I am glad if I can aid to help someone :slight_smile:
Just to make sure I get the task right: are you talking about the "create new file" menu? If so, it will be hidden too if you hide windows context menu altogether (or stick it into a submenu on the context menu).

Cleaning out this list is quite a huge task and involves editing the registry. That list comes from all installed and previously installed programs on Windows.

Just been re-thinking your task and did a little research in Dopus manual.
If you want to create a new file from Dopus context menu in the lister, then you should maybe look into the external control codes in Dopus' Reference Manual.

I have not touched this area myself but I could image it is possible to store 4 empty dummy files somewhere and use the code for opening a file. The selection could be done via a dialog selection box {dlgmulti} (reference manual page 679ff).
Maybe that would get you at least into the right direction.

Sorry, yet another addendum to my reply.
I just stumbled by chance over a very easy solution for creating new files here in the forum.
[url]How to Create New/Empty Files]

I think this might be very useful.


I will be looking into this tonight. I was able to clean up a lot but the idea of hiding the "New" and creating just what I need is appealing.


Well I think if you hide the ordinary context menu (either in a submenu or hiding it altogether, since you can bring it up anyway by holding shift) then on Dopus' lister menu is only what you put there.

I just did a basic "new file" menu on mine and it works great. I took the solution from my last answer. The one above that might work too, but it is rather an embarrassing newbie answer to your question LOL. Doesnt matter, I learnt a lot trying to figure context menus and "create new file" out :slight_smile:

As a general note, it's better to wait to reply until you've tried whatever was suggested. Telling the forum that you're going to try something later doesn't move the thread on at all. :slight_smile:

It's not a big deal but it causes the thread to be bumped for no real benefit, and sometimes happens with several threads at once, causing other threads to be pushed down the list.