All of a sudden I can no longer delete files in Opus

This just started happening. I can delete files in explorer, but they still show in Opus. When I try to delete in Opus I get a message that access is denied. After I delete using explorer I can still see the file in Opus but if I try to delete again, I get the same message that access is denied.

If you close and re-open Explorer, are the files visible again in it?

Similarly, if you close and re-open Opus, are the files still visible?

Have you rebooted since it started happening?

What do other programs see when they look at that folder?

If I close and reopen Explorer, the files are gone. If I close and reopen Opus, they are still there, but if I try to access them with another program, they are not found.

I am going to reboot now and see if that helps.

When I rebooted, the files I had tried deleting before are gone. That much is good. But then I created another file and tried to delete it and I could not. I got the access denied message again. When I close and reopen Opus, the file is still there, but when I try to open it I get the message access denied again. When I look in Explorer, the file is still there, but I can delete it. I close and reopen Opus after deleting the file in Explorer and it still shows in Opus.

Does this mean Explorer is showing files that have already been deleted as well (until they are deleted a second time)?

My guess is security software (antivirus, anti-ransomware etc.) has gone wrong as I can’t think of much else that would cause this on a local drive at least.

No, Explorer allows deletion of the files and they do not show anymore. So everything is normal in Explorer. They still show in Opus even after deletion.

If the files are still being listed, and it isn't something like (inside) an archive or file collection where caching might be involved, then the operating system is including them when Opus asks for a directory listing. The file listing comes from the OS, at the end of the day.

Deleted files can still be listed if something still has them locked open. (If the process that opened the file specified the file can be deleted while still open, it allows the file to go into a "pending deletion" state where a delete request succeeds, and nothing else can open the file from that point on, but the file isn't really deleted until the thing that already had it open closes it.) But I'd expect Explorer to list the file as well if that was happening.

One possibility is that the file's hidden and/or system attributes are being set which might cause Explorer to hide it while Opus might show it (depending on the configuration of each program).

If something is making the OS return different directory listings to File Explorer and Opus, that would be very strange indeed, and couldn't be caused by Opus itself. The issue would have to be at a lower level (Windows, the filesystem, antivirus, drivers, sandboxing apps, etc.)

Makes sense. I just tried a little experiement. I created and saved a Word doc and an Excel doc. I was able to delete the Word doc in Opus. Worked fine. It no longer shows.

The Excel doc did not give an error when I deleted it, but it still shows in the lister. If I try to delete again, I get the message access denied. If I try to open it, it says the file has been moved or deleted. So it is deleted, it is just still showing in the Lister.

Something is holding a lock on it. You could use Process Monitor to track it down to a process/DLL.