Allow rebinding in-FAYT-context shortcuts

When highlighting names in the current folder, Ctrl+S selects all matches. F3 jumps to the next match

But F3 is too far away from my home row, for a simple example, let's say I'd like to jump to next search match while FAYT is active, and continue to jump down next regular lister item when it's not. How would I do that?

(similarly, how would I rebind select all)?
Tried F3 in the settings, but it doesn't show any conflicts, so I guess this is some kind of a hidden keybinding?

There's no way to change that key. You may have to lift your hand slightly, sorry. (But surely the down cursor key is even farther away from the home row than F3?)

Nope, I've rebound it to be on the home row. Also e.g., Ctrl-A is a more common "select everything", so it's also about reusing existing mnemonics rather than remembering the new ones. Cursor keys also offer the same familiarity

Would be nice to have all keybinds rebindable instead of even the newer ones being hardcoded

So you have a nonstandard keyboard layout? That is extremely atypical. Please don't expect us to write the program around that.

We also have 40-50 other requests from you in the last week to work through. Remember that each one makes the others less likely, as we only have limited time (and have very little time this close to release). Pick your requests wisely.

What exactly in this request to not downgrade the level of keybind customization by hardcoding keybinds depends on my layout or would require any specific Opus accomodation???

How do you expect me to make wise decisions if I have no visibility into resouce constraints or the importance of all the other requests? To me one of the top priority is finally being able to get all the columns properly formatted like size that I've wanted to do since the first time I've started using Opus and requested many years ago (then keybinding power and flexibility to easily navigate anywhere), but then it's not like if I delete all the other minor issues I've noticed (like moving all key windows in the key config) that would help in any way