Allow to use non-unique paired folders

Currently if you have one pair with
Primary folder: C:\1 unique
Paired folder: C:\2 non-unique

And another pair with
Primary folder: C:\3 unique
Paired folder: C:\2 non-unique

Then only the second pair will work (also a pairing warning will be shown before saving).

So maybe in some time in the future it would be possible to add a checkbox to the pairing dialog to activate the session stored pairing or something like this. For example, one Lister window will be able to "remember" which pair was used and reuse that pair the next time it is used. This feature may require some IDs in the folderpairs.xml file...

I am sorry if my example is too tricky to understand, but i hope you get it. :sweat_smile:

You can do that now using Regex, since they're one-way:


Just remember to double the \ characters in both paths (and escape ( ) [ ] and other regex characters with a \ before them, if needed):

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It works, i just need to make reverse pairs "duplicates" to go back to the first folder. Thanks!

Going back to the first folder doesn't make sense to me. How would it know which folder to go to when there are two?

Oh you right. I tested it on a simple 1 2 folders and it worked... But during actual use it did not went good. Well i guess i am will stuck with one way.

With some unique IDs in the folderpairs.xml file well and a bit of coding i suppose? This was my suggestion in the first post, i am not a programmer. :sweat: