Alpha's Deep Dark Theme+

When I first installed Directory Opus last month, I was blown away with how powerful and customizable it is. But as someone with triple 32" monitors setup, I needed something that won't burn my eyes!

Deep Dark features most of the Solarized colors as well as Fira Code and PragmataPro fonts so developers will feel at home right of the bat and home users will fall in love with it!. It will also feature custom labels, wildcards, folder formats and buttons to suit different uses out-of-the-box.


DD v0.2 PragmataPro 0.828 Windows 10 Pro 2004, Directory Opus Pro 12.21.7
Note: PragmataPro™ is a shareware font and must be purchased from the author. It will not be supplied with the theme.

Fira Code

DD v0.1 Windows 10 Pro 2004, Directory Opus Pro 12.21.5 beta

I am not sure if I could export shortcuts yet or to what degree the export settings functionality goes, if not I will provide a PDF of whatever work that couldn't be included. I will not share it just yet as I am not done with several things like the toolbar icons and some tweaks but it should be ready very soon!

Until then!

Theme colours only, v0.2
Alpha's Deep Dark v0.2.dlt (240.1 KB)

v0.1: Unreleased
v0.2: Theme colours-only uploaded.


I like this! If you want to export settings and share it, look around in it first, it may contain email or FTP passwords. Custom buttons may contain stuff that you defined in them. I mean if you run an msdos command and it has a predefined user/password. For example i use YOUTUBEDL and it can contain my own user/pass for some video sites which do not allow downloading without logging in. Other thing are icons. If you share yourt settings with custom icons, like you have on your toolbar, just link the site or zip them up if you wanna share those too.

I wish you many many free hours to make DOPUS how you want it to work and look like :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the various tips!. Duly noted.

I will test the configuration files before uploading importing it to dopus running in a vm to emulate the end-user experience from scratch and will also inspect the files thoroughly. :wink:

No need to publish your entire configuration, themes can be saved separately:!Documents/Creating_your_own_Themes.htm

Some users might not yet be ready to swap out their toolbars, but are interested to try out a new theme.

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Yep, but I will not upload unfinished work :stuck_out_tongue: there are 42 items/tests on my to do list for the theme and even more (109) for for the rest (toolbars, kb shortcuts, buttons, icons, various preferences, PDF manual...etc)

I greatly underestimated the time needed thats for sure!

I will push the theme as soon as it is done and publish the rest later

edit: I know this is labeled as just a "theme" but my original intention for it were to be much, much more than that, but I haven't found a better thing to label it as.

Added PragmataPro showcase with updated toolbar and adjusted label colors to suit font.

Added Power Management to toolbar, 9 awesome new buttons and 6 kb shortcuts .


Started working on PDF documentation which will cover thoroughly the rationale behind the theme colours and layout and dive in deep detail about the functions of new buttons/toolbars/shortcuts as well as recommended productivity software to be installed. (Quick Access Popup, Display Fusion, Wox, AquaSnap, TidyTabs, Take Command..etc) and how they could all be used to enhance your experience.

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Theme (colours-only) uploaded. Find it in the downloads section.

Enjoy it until the full thing is finished!

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thanks! am definitely keeping an eye on this. would also loved a solarized light version if it is not too much :slight_smile:

Thank you for making this theme. I haven't tried any other themes at all and was also trying to ease some of the bright light on my eyes. I installed the theme and it all works well minus one area. I have my "find" window (the Utility Panel) at the bottom and the colors do not apply to that portion. I am fairly new to Dopus, but am finding my way around and love the software. Any advice for this part?

Be patient. The utility panel is currently not configurable. There are other similar threads in which the DOpus team discusses potential changes down the road.

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Awesome. Thank you for the info!