Alt+click: should be a thorough time sort


Alt+click on the time column, I just want to sort by file modification time. However, the segments of the result of the Alt+ click are sorted by file name, which is the same as the trouble before the operation. Can all the segments be sorted by time?


Alt + Click turns on grouping for the column. (This would be easier to see if the screenshot wasn't cropped.)

Grouping doesn't affect the sort criteria; it just splits things, as they are sorted, into different groups.

If you want to sort by time alone, not date or date+time, then you need to sort by one of the time-only columns.

How can folders sort by time, I am now difficult to select all folders before a point in time.

Can you add, for example, Ctrl+click to make the folders sorted temporarily by time? without grouping.

Do you mean you have turned on the option to always sort folders by name, and you want a quick way of turning it off?

Yes, as easy as Alt+click, or easier, I can easily revert to sorting by name.

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A button or hotkey which runs Set KEEPFOLDERSALPHA=Toggle will do that.

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Thanks Leo, this is the result I want most.

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