Alternate color in the listers

Long time ago I've configured Opus for highlight the lines of the listers into two different colors, like the easy reading modules.
Now I had to format the machine and somehow the backup has not ratained this setting.
I've spent the good part of the last hour in trying to figure it out again, but I cant seem to remember where that particular setting is despite bein trought the settings page over and over.

Please someone save me :smiley:


Please look here, for example:

Thanks for the suggestion I keep in consideration, but I'm pretty sure there is another way to do it directly from the Opus preferences and not using a fixed background.
I remember doing it by checking a flag somewhere in the sea of the options for obtaining that effect.

Settings --> Prefs --> Lister Display Modes

That´s lines, but no alternating colors.

Yeah, I believe that the other option was there as well, I found a post in wich is referred as old Opus mode

Look at first picture in this post:

[url]Folder and File Color Issue]

the poster say :
"even though I don't want to, as I really like the alternate grey/white line to differentiate, rather than the new DOpus grid lines"

That's make me think that Opus has lost this setting on the way during the last relase, so there will be no amount of searching that will make it found again...
Unless I'm wrong and I truly hope I am :smiley: .

I think you're interpreting his post in that old thread incorrectly - seems to me he was saying that he was trying to get FONT foreground and background coloring to work, but that the FONT background coloring wasn't working - even when he followed the help manual's suggestion that FONT background coloring didn't work with "background images" enabled - which he didn't want to disable because that was what was giving him the alternating line colors...

In any event, what version were you running before you re-formatted your machine? Even if something "changed" between major Opus versions - I don't think anything like this would have changed between "minor" versions or "dot" releases of Opus...

Opus has never had such an option. It may get it in the future but at the moment you have to use a background image to get the effect.

[quote="leo"]There's a "grid lines" option in Opus which gets you something similar, FWIW.

I made my background before that option was available as someone asked for it. I've never used it myself. :slight_smile:

The grid lines don't let you shade the background colour but you can choose the colour and style (solid, dotted, dashed, etc.) of the lines. I find that quite subtle lines work well, though I rarely turn them on at all:[/quote]


I ungraded to DO 10 and also got a new monitor... so I changed the font for the file display. I kept messing around with the background image to try to get the alternating grid lines to line up but I could not get it just right. When I saw Leo's post above I revisited that option. I don't know if it was there in previous versions but in version 10 the last item in the dropdown list of styles was a thick line, which ends up covering the whole height of one line. This gives you the exactly the alternating background colors!!!

This was just what I've been looking for for years!!!

HTH - Thanks Leo...