Alternative filetypes to DCF

I am not sure if this is an Opus issue.
I use dcf files as shortcut files instead of windows shortcuts.
See here..

[url]DCF Shortcut Behaviour]
[url]Shortcuts with relative reference]

Why I wonder does a .dcr filetype not behave the same as a .dcf for me?
I created the filetype and associated it with the "Directory Opus Helper Application".
When I run a DCF file it does my bidding (the shortcut takes the lister to the target location).
When I rename that file with a DCR exension it does not work. In point of fact nothing happens. I wonder if the "Directory Opus Helper Application" does not like the extension?

BTW the reason I want to have a 2nd filetype doing the same thing is so that I can colour certain shortcut files differently. So for example I have reason for the shortcut in red below to stick out. The red (.dcr) file is an exact copy of the green (dcf) file of the same name just below it.

Thanks as ever...

Just associating an extension with dopusrt.exe (Directory Opus Helper Application) won't do anything, unfortunately. dopusrt.exe is a multi-purpose thing which handles various commands and file extensions. At least in the case of .dcf it seems to recognise it by extension, so other extensions will not work.

You could use a .bat .cmd .vbs etc. batch or script file to run Opus commands, though (via dopusrt.exe /CMD ), if that helps get some more extensions/colours.

You can also take advantage of the fact that Opus can color-code files which are compressed, encrypted or flagged as system if you want some files to have different colours. I use that sometimes when I want to highlight some files in a folder.

I've got a button (SetAttr TOGGLEATTR=e) which toggles encryption for the selected files, which turns them green (by default). It'd be cool if the Folder Colors mechanism worked for files as well but in the mean time abusing the encryption/compression colours works pretty well, at least for me.

Thanks Leo. I suspected something like that. I will most probably use the compressed file work around..... :slight_smile: