Alternatives to dopus that work with GNU find command?

I am finding dopus very difficult to use.

I am very adept at using the GNU (Unix / Linux) find command.

All I need is a UI for this.

When I run a find command, it simply makes a list of files that met my search criteria.

What I need now is a GUI where I can double click and open each file, and also have two directory trees where I can use the mouse to move a file from one directory into another and possibly create new directories in the destination.

as fast as I can type, using a GUI + mouse to do this takes less time than a command in a console, however nothing out there really beats the GNU find command for finding, searching, filtering results.

Is anyone aware of a GUI tool that works with find.exe on Windows?

Nothing you've described would be difficult to do in Opus.

I use the DO find utility quite a bit, it is quite powerful. It lacks regex and I always struggle to change the path it is searching in, but that could be me. o)

To use the GNU find.exe together with DO, you can probably pipe the result into a DO filecollection, have that pop up in DO and then start using dual lister mouse actions?! Sounds like a nice co-op to me?!

Regex is available in the Advanced tab. (Adding it to the Simple mode is also planned, FWIW.)

And yet it is not easy to do.

#1 - when I create a search, I am not able to save the list of source folders so that I can retrieve the search and run it again at a later time.

#2 - I don't want to learn another find command. I'm happing with GNU find. Nothing beats it

#3 - For the output of the GNU find command, there is no easy rationale way to import the results to dopus. I have to go to a page that describes a command that I run outside of the app and figure that out.

I would like a search box (text area) inside of dopus where I type the find command and have the ability to run and save it or retrieve it for later use, and have the results display in the source pane.

Or the ability to File => Import a .txt file that is a line item list of files that is created from the output of the find command.

We've talked about that in other threads, so I won't go over it again, but I don't see how using an external command-line tool is going to make that any easier.

It isn't complicated. Takes a few minutes. If you already understand how to use a command line tool like GNU find then it should be no problem.

You're choosing to run an external find command and then complaining about having to run a second command to import the list it generates. I don't really understand the logic here, assuming the aim is to automate things so you aren't running the commands by hand each time you use it.

The manual page I linked to has an example command you can run and all you need to do is change the paths to match where your file list is and the name of the collection you want.

You could have set this up in less time than it's taken for both of us to talk about it. :slight_smile: