Am I Able To Disable Mouse Wheel Text Size Increase?

Quite often I attempt to scroll the lister with my mouse wheel only to find I am inadvertently increasing all font sizes. Thankfully Directory Opus has a quick button to reset this accidental zoom.

Is there any way that I can disable this wheel zoom completely?

The mouse wheel on its own shouldn't do that. Are you holding Ctrl at the same time?


I despise this feature and never ever use it in any software. I disable it everywhere that I am able to.

I know what you mean from other programs, although in Opus there isn't very often any reason to be holding the Ctrl key. You can do the same as Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to toggle-select individual files using the Middle Mouse Button.

Maybe we can add an option to disable this but if you're holding Ctrl for that, give the MMB a try. It's a lot nicer even ignoring this issue. (Assuming your mouse's scroll wheel is set to the normal MMB behavior. Some drivers default to having it do something else, although I think that's fairly rare these days.)

I am requesting an option to disable mouse wheel zoom built into Directory Opus. I currently have this disabled in both Firefox and EmEditor, because both applications provide an option to disable this.

The mouse wheel is fine for scrolling, but I wish to turn off text zoom so that it never does it.


I'd like to add a use case where the option to disable Ctrl+Wheel zooming would be nice:

Some very popular mice (eg. Logitech Proteus) have the ability to free-wheel the mousewheel (ie. disable the notches). Many trackpads also have inertia on scrolling. With either device, it is possible that there is a bit of scrolling left over when you switch from one app/tab to another app/tab.

This has happened to me a lot on Chrome, and I can see how it might be annoying to users in DOpus as well. Just my 2c.

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We'll add a Preferences option for this in a future update. (Same for Shift + Mouse Wheel, which navigates back and forward.)

It may be in the next beta, but the new options require translation into other languages, so we may hold it back, depending on how we schedule the next round of translations.