An annoying little quirk


I will try to describe what happens as best I can, so bear with me. This is more of a quirk than a bug but perhaps there is a way to fix this.

This happens whether I am copying/moving stuff or transfering via FTP. It is only noticeable when doing large amounts of stuff as it keeps the dialogue box open long enough for it to happen.

  1. I am copying about 4-5gig of stuff via ftp, so on my connection that takes bout 8 hours or so to send. (Great no prob, I got plenty of time)

  2. I get a status window open at all times giving me the transfer status. (Again, great, nice to see and have)

  3. I minimize the status screen because I do not want it to get in the way all the time. Just about every other program I know of, when you minimize it, when you press alt-tab to scroll through your apps, it puts it as the last all on the list.

Here is where the annoyance comes in. Lets say I have 8 apps open including DO and that status window. I minimize the status window, expecting it to go to the end of the list so to speak. I then have DO open in front of me (fine no prob). Then I alt-tab to get to whatever other program (netscape or whatever). Then I want to alt-tab back to DO. Lo and behold, the status window comes into focus. Like WTF! I have to minimize the damn thing again. Sure enough, when i press alt-tab to switch programs but hold them down to see the list it will scroll thru, that status window is BEFORE the DO application, yet I clearly minimized it. This is what I consider to be a royal pain in the butt. If i want to get to DO i have to alt-tab twice. A lot of the time I do not think of this and just do it once.

This happens all the time, and has happened for as long as i can remember. Is there a way to turn this behavior off. So when I minimize the status window it actually puts it at the end of the alt-tab list like it ought to?

80% of the time it is not a problem, however when I am transfering a lot of files via FTP or i have a few gig to transfer locally, it takes more than a few seconds and it has caused me a lot of grief. Like most ppl i am sure, I know what program I was last in, and if it was IRC or Word or something like that, that is what I am expecting and so i alt-tab without realizing that it may not be the last program i was in, or whatever, and i start typing. Invariably that typing will hit a hot key and cancel the transfer.

Perhaps a little button on the top next to the X that would hide the window and if i wanted it back I would have to do something within DO to get it to show up again?

Any ideas? Or is it just in my head.


No replies... so I guess it must just be me :frowning:

Well, it might be just you that's having so much grief from it :slight_smile:... though I can certainly understand the annoyance. Even so, I don't think there's much to be done about it without GPSoft making changes.

There's really 2 issues eh? One is that the transfer window doesn't seem to be sorted into the Alt-Tab/open windows list the same as other apps... which causes you to bring that window back into focus with a quick Alt-Tab maneuver... and the other is that by default the focus inside the transfer window is on the Skip button... so that one keystroke causes at least one file transfer to be skipped... same for 'local copy' dialogs.

It's this second part that causes me some grief because my wifes godforsaken cat likes to jump on my desk and sit on my keyboard :frowning:. She's an advanced kind of cat - whose ass apparently knows how to Alt-Tab as well as you do and somehow brings the transfer dialog back into focus and then skip files on me... So it would be nice (for me) if part of any forthcoming solution would be to at least take focus off any of the buttons in the dialog so that an errant swipe of a cats ass doesn't abort my file transfers... damn cat!