An Explorer for Android with ftp server that works with Dopus ftp client

I've been using Lonely Cat Games X-Plore for Android for a few weeks and really like it.
It has a bit of a learning curve as Dopus does. It takes a little while to understand the touchscreen for instance. However it is very configurable for an Android Cell Phone App.
One very useful feature is the FTP server. It requires a $5 USD donation to get read/write 2 way access to it, but it works very well with the Dopus ftp client. It is certainly lightyears better than Microsoft's built in phone app. So I just turn on my mobile Hotspot on my laptop and start the ftp server. I then use the Dopus ftp client to connect. It works great with one little problem. It has changed the ftp IP address on me a few times. X-plore only changes it by the last 3 digits, but it is a little annoying. Perhaps I need to buy the developer another $5 beer to fix this.

It sure beats using a USB leash or MS's stupid App.
Somehow It reminds me of the old days of connecting HP48 calculators to DOS computers using Kermit. This is far better.

I've been using MiXplorer for a couple of years now, it's going to take something really special to get me to change. It has FTP, HTTP and TCP servers included. MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual) | XDA Forums

Thanks Much !
I didn't know that one.
X-Plore has an HTTP server as well, but the web browser view it requires is pretty sad.
FTP is the solution in my personal case, so that's what I wrote about.
I have looked at the Google Play link to MiXplorer and read some of the link you provided.
It does look to be a good option. After all, it is only $5 .
Anyone else with ideas on this ???

The email informing me there had been a reply was dated August 9. It is only August 8 here.
So, I replied to your reply before you wrote it .

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That's very likely caused by the hotspot or whatever organizes the WLAN. See if you can find a setting "Always assign same IP" or similar in your router's setup.

There is a free version of MiXplorer available in this thread as an apk file. [APP][2.2+] MiXplorer v6.x Released (fully-featured file manager) | XDA Forums
It's not restricted in any way, compared to the pay version.

Time travel is one of the perks of living Downunder. It almost makes up for the "everything is trying to kill us" thing.

I use Ftp server Pro once recommended by Leo somewhere in this forum. It works OK for me, but I only use it very occasionally to transfer a file or two from the phone to the computer.