An option of displaying extension in the name column of listers would make filtering easier

Thx folks for providing a script for BaseExtension in the /recent folder,
as it makes grouping like files easier

  • as all the files in /recent have extension .lnk, which reduces the usefulness of the list

I'd like to be able to find all my recent excel files.
If it were possible to include the extension in the name field, globally
by an option in settings/preferences
then it would be possible to filter on *.xl and thus find those files easily

How possible would this be ? And how soon ?


You already can see the extension in the Name column and filter on it.

Is the real problem that the shortcuts don't have the xls extension in them at all? I think they should though, so I may have misunderstood.

Maybe a screenshot of what you're seeing would clarify.

It's also possible the Windows shell is handling the Recent folder (since it's a special folder), in which case it may be configured to hide extensions of known types. If so, change that in File Explorer's options dialog. Alternatively, you can tell Opus to handle the folder itself instead of letting the shell handle it, under Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders.