Android Camera access Dopus vs Windows 11 File Explorer

When copying 1300+, 8gb, in pictures from my Android 12 phone with USB, I had to abandon Dopus for File Explorer. Dopus, which I prefer, would disconnect from the phone and then hang. When Dopus did work, it was extremely slow. It could barely create the file list. File Explorer was about 3x faster at least. Somehow the folks at Microsoft figured it out, no MTP, "this and that" excuses. File Explorer and Android work together as they should, no special settings.

Once I get the files transferred, then I switch to Dopus. Shouldn't have too. I am using v12.3.

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Glad you could cut and paste an answer to my question so fast - thanks. Just more MTP mumbo-jumbo.

I just want Dopus to work as well as File Explorer.