Android Debug Bridge Toolbar (ADB)

I would like to share my latest Dopus toolbar creation for android devices.

Android Debug Bridge Toolbar (ADB)

What does this do?
*Send a selected file to your phone in 1 click!
*Pull content from your phone to your desktop.
*Install a selected apk from Dopus to your phone.
*Search for a specific package on the device and uninstall it.
*Create a logcat straight to your desktop or phone's sdcard.
*Reboot Device into Recovery mode, Download mode or Fastboot mode.
*Troubleshoot a device if something went wrong. Example: A device that bootloops.
*Capture a Screenshot of your phone and send it directly to the desktop.
*Record Mp4 video of your phone's screen and send it to the desktop. (Requires Android 4.4 KitKat)
*Share your phone's display with a PC using Android Screen Monitor.
*You can start using ADB commands when the boot animation of your device starts up.
and so much more...

  1. Install Java SE Runtime Environment 7

  2. Download the Android SDK (It's huge like 480MBs)

  3. Extract

  4. Keep the android-sdk-windows\platform-tools folder
    [broken imageshack link]

  5. Place android-sdk-windows\platform-tools somewhere like C:\ for example.

  6. My ADB toolbar will be looking for android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\ADB.exe You must create an environment variable for my toolbar to function.

  7. Go to My Computer>Properties>Advanced System Settings>Environment Variables
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    Add that line to the very end of the variable value without spaces.

    This is what my path looks like for example:

  8. Restart Computer for changes to take effect.

  9. Connect Phone via USB with USB debugging turned on in Settings>Developer Options.
    (If you don't see a Developer Option, go to Setting>about tap the build number 10 times.)

    My ADB Toolbar should work right away. Try the Devices button to see if your device is listed.

    You will get a cmd prompt window saying

    List of devices attched.
    523c53a1 device

    If you have a device listed, everything else on the toolbar should work.

  10. Go here for more information on the topic.

Note: I haven't tested the Screen Record button yet. I'm currently running Android 4.3.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Download my toolbar below
Move ADB.dop to /dopusdata/Buttons
ADB.dop (16.5 KB)

UPDATE: Changed the adb pull output path from "%UserProfile%\Desktop" to "{alias|desktopdir|noterm}"

You need to expand the alias explicitly when using it with external commands (since e.g. /desktop could be a command-line argument to the program, and if it was always expanded you'd have no way to pass it as-is).

e.g. Instead of /desktopdir, use {alias|desktopdir|noterm}