Animated GIF and Video Thumbnails

I remember a time when DOpus animated video thumbnails a while back. The feature was removed and as far as I know the reason was the feature was too taxing on the system. Now some years down the road and hardware being where it is, is it possible to return this feature as well as expanding it to animate GIF's in thumbnail mode as well ? This feature would be completely optional and could be toggled in the advanced options in DOpus. Hopefully this feature can be reinstated, Thanks.

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Can we have an update on this? There is yet to be a photo viewer I can find that can view animated gif's in thumbnails, yet even Google Photos/Picasa Web is able to do it in a web browser.

Wanted to bump this and see if there has been any update in the ensuing years?

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It's not something we have planned. The viewer supports animated gifs but thumbnails are static.