Animated GIFs

Hello, I did a search and found a post about this but I can't figure what to do. I have a folder with about 4000 files, some animated GIFs, some regular GIFs. Is there a way to filter them without picking them out by hand?

I downloaded the gifanim .dll plugin but I think it's the same one that come with v8011. The post said something about the description field indictating whether the GIF is animated or not but I don't see it there or I don't know how to use it. Thanks - Steve

I haven't gotten around to updating the GIF plugin yet, sorry.

I'm currently working on improvements to the ActiveX plugin, then plan to do some work on the GIF one to make it handle larger images, do the description stuff, and fix a bug or two.

OK, thanks for the reply. I will try to write a script that can help me.

From reading the other post, I assume all you have to to do is read past the first frame to see if there is more. I know nothing about reading .GIFs but I will look into it. - Steve