Annyoing Dopus 10.2. setup (when using pirated version)

I'm running windows xp sp3. I just can't understand why is new setup so annoying and why do I need so many .dll files in order to work. It takes forever to install. Even more annoying is I have to enter the damn registration key again every time when installing. To make matters even worse is that every time there is a dll file missing it uninstalls and if I want to try again I have to start over. The final kick in the ass is that error states just one file that is missing and I have to fix this one and go over entire procedure, just to find out that there is another file missing and I never know how many of them are missing.

If the installation stops with error you don't get the second try. I click ok and it uninstalls and then I have to go all over this again. Why it can't just let me try again after placing the missing file? Better yet, why it just cannot install? If I want to run DOpus after install I will need to put dll files in %windir%\system32 anyway. Why do you need all those odd .dll files like one of them is a nvidia driver? What was improved after dopus 10.0.4 that require so many new files? I downloaded all those files:


For every file above. I had to go through all the key entering and waiting for damn thing to try to install and give me a new wonderful message about another dll file thats missing and even after all this trouble it is still not installed! I give up!

None of those files have anything to do with Opus. They aren't included with it and it doesn't use them.

What are you actually installing?

I have been trying to install this to windows xp in vmware, where I always test software first. The file name is Directory Opus I just looked at it again and found this :open_mouth:

this is what setup looks like

This looks legit, but is probably fake isn't it? I don't even know where I have downloaded this from. I have just downloaded dopus install from this website and it looks just like it did before and now I have installed it and it works.

Yeah it would probably help if you had an official version rather than a pirated copy...

And no the dll files were of course not included with this probably fake installation I had to download them one by one from the internet. This whatever it is I coundn't install at all and last time I tried required fixmapi.exe, which is super old file that comes with IE5.

I don't even know wtf this is, I have downloaded this by searching for dopus 10 and since this requires all those weird files, I doubt it is even directory opus at all, its probably a random program labeled as dopus for some reason

Anyway I have newest dopus now, so thanks for help.

Just tried to get to the bottom of this and now I understand whats going on. Whenever the program installs it it not installing anything at all, During install I went to check the directory where it was transferring the files and it was non existent, then when its nearly done it just prompts for random dll file and 3 times it was the file that was actually there. Its a troll.

Whatever you were installing there, it wasn't made by us and probably didn't even contain Opus.

You might want to run a few dozen virus checkers on your machine...

Can you Upload this Setup to any uploading hoster and then give me the download Link ? i will Analyse this Setup bull... :slight_smile: