Another formatting and import question

I am sorry to be asking about different formatting questions.... but every so often I go through my config and update things. I will go crazy for a while and make changes that will last for a while.

I have one main PC which I do all my configurations on and then I export to my other 2. I have different layouts for each because on each I want different sets of tabs to open at start up etc. Plus each computer has a different set of toolbars. Most toolbars are the same, but the ones that have applications change because not all computers have the same apps and I do not want empty icons (smilies) to be there. So what I do is:

  • Backup configuration on main PC
  • copy configuration to one of the other PC's and do a complete restore.
  • go to Preferences / Launching Opus and select the appropriate layout for it to load (desktop, taskbar etc).
  • Then I click on the styles bar to bring up the toolbars and default tabs
  • go to preferences / folder layouts and save the current layout (overriding the previous layout with the same name). If I do not do this, it will always load some previously loaded tabs and toolbars.

I wish I did not have to do all of that every time I move a config file over. But I think that is about the only way to do it.

As I have been making changes to my columns and folder formats recently, what I noticed was that it would not load up the columns the way I had saved them. Even with saving the format the way I wanted. An example is that it loads the size (relative) which I had now removed everywhere as I could incorporate that into the size column. Yet it is now coming back.

When I hover my mouse over the lock it would tell me that the format is coming from "Tab #1 in Lister layout #####" and if I hover on the right side lister it says pretty much the same thing except now it says "dual-display tab #1".

I load up my tabs Folder Tabs / tab groups as that is where I have defined my tabs. I click on one of the tabs and click on edit format. It brings up a format page, but nothing is checked off in there. Columns and Grouping is left blank with no check. So I assume that it is not using the data in there. see screenshot


So I am at a loss as to where it is picking up the formatting. In the end I fixed it by going to layouts and styles / layouts and selecting the option to ignore folder formats saved within this layout. That fixes my problem and all is well.

My question is I do not think I should need to do that. So I am trying to figure out where the formatting is coming from if I do not select the override feature.

Are you looking for this?

what the padlock shows when multiple formats are combined:

@cyilmaz When I hover my mouse over the lock as you show in your screenshot I see the following:

Clipboard Image

As you can see there is only one location it is pulling the style from.

The only place I can think of that will show me a format for the tabs is by going to preferences / Folder tabs / Tab groups. then double clicking on the #styletabs. Click on the tab listed there and then click image . Which then gives me this screen:


But so far as I can tell, there is no styling on this screen related to columns and groupings.

I just looked at the options tab. It seems if i remove the check from "Include from other matching formats, then it seems to work. It is odd because there was only the one format that it was supposedly pulling from and not multiple places.

One thing i also noticed.... is i only had to make that change on one tab. I did not have to go into all the other tabs to remove that check box for the problem to be fixed.

Another question... not sure if i need a new topic or not...i just dont want to flood the forum...

I have a layout saved for one computer. In Preferences / Launching DO i have

  • Double click on desktop
  • From taskbar icon
  • Startup

All set to load a specific layout. And it works just fine. Where it breaks down is, if I close the current lister window., but not close it from the taskbar and then I click on DO from the start menu, it loads some weird layout using a completely different style. It will work if I close the lister and double click from the desktop to click it from the taskbar, but if I click the program icon again it loads something different. Where do I go to fix that?

The tooltip shows that format is coming from the layout itself (layouts store the formats of any tabs within them). If you want to change it permanently you need to re-save the layout.

I think Leo is right about not reusing the same thread, but maybe it's a small issue. If the answer doesn't help, you might wanna open a new thread.

Not sure if I got it right, but it sounds like your default lister is different than the ones you use here:

I'd check all 4 marked areas and also check if you accidentally saved that "weird" layout as default, but you can easily replace it.

I opened a new topic....

I have 3 computers each running DO, but each has a slightly different layout and style setup. So each layout is saved based on the computer name and I just change the options you showed me to the specific computer when I move a config file over to it.

You suggested setting the option to use default lister when double clicking on the taskbar icon. Not sure what settings the default lister uses, but the option for launching DO from the taskbar works as it should.

If i open DO for the first time. All is good. I then close the lister with the X in the corner. I leave the taskbar icon alone, and then double click the DO program icon (either located on the desktop or in the start menu) and then it loads the strange layout. If i double clicked empty space on the desktop or double click the taskbar icon, it loads with the proper layout. Or if i close the taskbar icon and relaunch DO from the program icon it will work

Anyhow, as to not get confused, i started a new thread: DO using a strange layout when opening while still running in taskbar