Another weird file-selection behaviour

Say, you have a filepane open, and you want to select everything from the file beginning with 'd' and everything following it.

That could be done very fast by pressing d followed by shift-End unfortunatelly, whenever you press shift end, the selection mark reverts to selecting EVERYTHING as soon as you clicked shift-End. :frowning:

Just to add, it doesn't select everyting, but it actually starts at the item that was highlighted before you entered d.:frowning:

Which display mode?

Is the Find Field ("Find As You Type" field) on or off?

[quote="leo"]Which display mode?

Is the Find Field ("Find As You Type" field) on or off?[/quote]

Hi Leo,

Display Mode = List (I never use anything else)
FAYT = off

I already filed a bug-report.

Seems like support doesn't understand what I mean :blush:

So here are the steps to reproduce ...

Could you please open Windows Explorer and go to a folder with a whole
bunch of files and/or folders.

  • If you got some files starting with 'G', then just press G on the
    (The 1st item starting with G becomes selected.

  • Press "Shift-End".
    (Now the selection correctly extends from the first item starting with G
    upto the last item in the filepane.
    You can verify this by moving the slider with the mouse, just scroll back
    and you see the selection is just fine)

  • Now try to do above 2 steps in Directory Opus.
    (Verify this by moving the slider with the mouse, move the slider back and see that the selection has
    INcorrectly jumped to some file that was highlighted
    before you pressed 'G' ....

I still think this is a bug, I really don't understand that I have to be the
first to find this, but I also understand that this may be quite
hard to correct since it's probably quite deeply nested into the core of the

Anyway, I would really like to have someone taking my bug-request seriously,
since when it comes to fast, optimized file browsing,
nothing still comes close to the good old keyboard.

I can make it happen as well (not in Details mode but in List mode). I've let GPSoft know.

Well Greg kept on saying that i should disable FAYT, which I have actually never used, It seems the support team can't (won't) try the simple example to see the misbehaviour. Somehow I hope it will be fixed 'someday' ... :frowning:

Apparently you didn't tell Greg that you were using List view which was an important detail.

Anyway, it should be fixed in the next release from what I've heard.

That's great, looking forward to it.

Also it's so refreshing to have a company that replies to every bug-report, and so fast ! :slight_smile:

Sorry for bumping this thread.

There are still A LOT of problems with the file selection.

Take for instance, you select a range of file in the file-pane while your downloading program is downloading files to the directory the filepane is in, when it adds files that start with a lower letter (example, you selected every files starting with S, while your downloading program is downloading files starting with D, whenever DO sees the new files being added, the files selected are mangled, they are not preserved). :frowning:

When you say "mangled" do you mean like with this example?

[ul][li]You're in List mode (doesn't happen in Details mode)[/li]
[li]You have files 5 to 9[/li]
[li]You've shift-selected from 7 to 8[/li]
[li]File 1 is created by something else[/li]
[li]You push shift-down to select 9 and that happens correctly[/li]
[li]But file 6 gets selected as well[/li][/ul]

If so then I've just confirmed it and reported it to GPSoftware.

That's right Leo, also, you don't even need to do your 5th step, it happens as soon as files are added which are sorted before the selected files.