Another Win11 OneDrive peculiarity

Here's another one of those quirky "What did Microsoft do" things regarding Onedrive, Win11 and Opus:

When I rightclick a folder to use the Onedrive command to either make this folder available offline permanently or to free up the disk space (sorry, running it in German so I do not have the exact phrase), this command is apparently not passed through to the subfolders. If you do that to a single file, it works as advertised, if you do it to a folder, nothing happens. A Win 11 Explorer window makes the folder, all its contents including all sub(sub)folders either available online or offline.

I consider this another one of these annoying "pull the rug under the developer" Win11 things, but it would be awesome if you somehow can "fix" this. The workaround is to open the folder in Explorer and rightclick there, but of couse I am lazy.

Grüße aus Deutschland, Boris

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Thanks for that report, we should be able to fix that.

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