Any idea why SVG files are not showing up in the Preview?

Windows 7, IE 9, I followed the instructions here: ... -pane.html

I have DO on my work computer and the SVG preview works fine. But this laptop no go. Any ideas about what I can do to troubleshoot?

Can you view .SVG files by dragging them to an IE window?

Yes, I can view them by dragging them into IE.

What actually happens when you try to view the SVG in Opus on your laptop?

Can you view an HTML file in Opus on your laptop, or do none of the things which use IE in the viewer pane work?

Yes, html files show in preview, although not fully rendered. JPGs preview fine. Here are some screen shots, how a sample html file should look, then how it is previewing:

And a here is how a jpg previews and then an svg (blank):

Have you tried the same svg file, copied to the computer's Desktop folder, on both machines? The problem may be to do with where the file is stored (IE security zone stuff).

I appreciate you hanging in there with me on this. Putting an svg on the desktop does not make DO preview it.

If you make the viewer pane wide enough to see its full title, does it indicate it is trying to use Internet Explorer to display the file, or something else (or nothing)?

Here's an example to clarify what I mean:

IE 32 bit. This is making me crazy. Is there anything I can do to test this outside of DO? I am really at a loss.

I removed SVG from the IE viewer in DO and not I do not get "nothing" I get the text. For me, this is progress, but I am still clueless.

Seems like Opus is (or was until you changed the config in the last post; you don't want to do that) correctly passing the SVG to IE to view it.

The problem is that IE in turn isn't viewing it.

I don't know why IE would view the file if you drop it on a standalone IE window but fail to when embedded in another program. Maybe an IE extension, configuration change or a security product is blocking things. Or maybe the IE9 install on one of the machines is simply broken and needs repairing. I can only guess, though.

Yeah, I think I am having an IE problem, not a DO problem. Thing is, IE support is not going to help bc they will point to DO... So here I am.

I will probably keep messing around with it. In the meantime, if anyone stumbles upon this and has information about IE, or maybe a way to use some other method for previewing SVGs, I appreciate it.